Agriculture Energy Coalition

Spending Share in Agricultural Act of 2014 (by title)
Who We Are

The group is a membership based coalition of interested organizations all committed to a strong bi-partisan energy title in the 2012 farm bill. We believe that Rural America will be a continuing force for change in the advancement of sustainable energy and renewable chemicals production in the years ahead. However, without the right policies in place, and requisite funding, the promise of a “rural renaissance” focused on clean energy solutions will not materialize.

Mission Statement

The coalition believes that enlightened forward-thinking farm policy must invest meaningfully in the new energy economy, including renewable energy such as wind, solar, biomass to fuels, chemicals and power, geothermal, small hydro and energy efficiency. These industries will promote new job growth and economic opportunity in all regions of the country, lower carbon emissions and other environmental enhancements, and improve national energy security.


Our main goal is to help educate members of Congress, the Administration, and other stakeholders about the importance of a robust and well-funded energy title to the 2012 farm bill. The farm bill is about farms, ranches, and advancing opportunities for Rural America. The energy title suite of programs, those current and potentially new initiatives, help meet farm bill and societal goals for a strong economy, environmental quality, and improved security.